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Personal Liability Risks to Management and Employees: Information Management

It’s hard to read about liability without feeling like you’re sneaking your way through a regulatory minefield. There’s a little too much to wrap your head around, the stakes seem just a little too high and isn’t it all someone else’s problem? Can’t you just handball it up the chain of command? Surely responsibility [...]

A Guide to Records Management Governance

  Triathletes at the top of their game are not simply working on their running, their cycling, or their swimming. To be competitive, to keep their edge, they shave off as many seconds as they can in their transitions. The minutes that pass between each leg of the race are precious. Their transitions become cleaner and sharper, [...]

In the Know: Understanding Regulatory Compliance in Records Management

There are few phrases more daunting than ‘regulatory compliance’ when it comes to protecting the safety and legality of your records. It is, however, increasingly important to understand your responsibilities to best safeguard your business against any risk of fines, persecution or civil actions. By understanding the essential elements of regulatory compliance, you can [...]

Why you need to digitise your workflow

Imagine trying to find that piece of paper you left on your desk last week. You’re not sure if you managed to file it away somewhere sensible and safe or if it ended up getting lost among the melee of clutter that seems to follow you. One thing you are sure of is that [...]

An intelligent approach to indexing content

By Daniel Warren-Smith You can have the best content management system going around, but if that content is not easily searchable (and therefore not easily shareable) it will end up being under utilised, causing frustration amongst your staff as valuable time is wasted conducting unnecessarily lengthy searches. Migrating your paper documents into an electronic [...]