Your records management policy is only as good as its last update. To maintain a functioning policy and to keep a competitive edge within your industry, it’s irrefutably crucial to make sure your policy is up-to-date. You and your organisation are sure to thrive with a policy that matches the latest and greatest in terms of compliance standard and recent developments in thought and process. Doing so ensures your organisation can reap the benefits of increased productivity and receive an overall boost!

When considering whether or not you need to upgrade, it’s important to note that you may already be in good standing and you may not need to make any drastic changes. Making changes simply for the sake of it is potentially wasteful and time consuming.

To make your life easier, we’ve provided an easy checklist you can follow to make sure you are maximising your organisations’ potential.


Aspect 1: Policies and Procedures  

  • Which information is crucial to your organisations’ operation? What can you simply not live without? Finding out what could be cleared out throughout all departments might surprise you.
  • Does your organisation keep both electronic and paper records? If so, you may need to develop a hybrid records management which manages both equally well.
  • Is your records management policy up-to-date? Your policy needs to be up-to-date to keep with compliance regulations and to reflect the most recent record formats.
  • Does your record management policy cover email and social media? Social Media is now a veritable business tool, and a powerful one at that. It’s important to pay attention to it.
  • Is your information accessible? It’s important to consider how much time and effort your employees spend locating data when they need it.
  • Have you tested your disaster recovery plans? Is your data backed up? Can you easily retrieve it?
  • Is your policy built to handle mergers and acquisitions? It’s crucial to be across compliance in this case.
  • Are your applications and systems up-to-date? Programs should be updated regularly to incorporate new controls and features.

Aspect 2: Audit and Accountability  

  • Does your records manager have responsibility across all processes and formats?
  • Are your records safe? All records, no matter the format, needed to be accounted from creation to destruction.
  • Are our staff proficiently trained to understand your records management policy? All must be well-versed in retention and destruction schedules.

Aspect 3: Privacy and Disposal

  • Do your records meet the compliance standards of your industry? Standards are often ever-changing and you need to be across any and all developments.
  • Does your organisation maintain a proper retention and destruction schedule for disposing the data?

Aspect 4: Best Practices for Retention

  • Are you storing what you need? Are you keeping unnecessary duplicates?
  • Can you access records easily?
  • Do you have an effective back-up plan in place?


By using this checklist as your guide, you can give your organisation its best chance to meet compliance standards. As thought leaders in the industry, here at ZircoDATA we set the standard for records management and can help you and your organisation optimise operations. For more information, contact a ZircoDATA expert by emailing us at or calling on 13 ZIRCO, alternatively you can fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form.