There’s really nothing like the feeling of ticking off a list. A loved one’s Christmas list, a shopping list, that dreaded list of dastardly chores you left yourself for that rare day off. The feeling of closure, of completion, of accomplishment: there’s really nothing like it.

To make your life easier and to place your organisation in perfect standing to succeed we’ve given you a list! But not just any list: a comprehensive checklist to ensure you upgrade your records management policy to guarantee compliance.

We’ve compiled all your records management have-to’s in to one handy resource that will guide you on your way. Imagine the feeling when you can tick it all off! And know, with absolute certainty, that your records management processes and policies are in the best place they could possibly be.

To help you on your way, answer the questions below moving from one aspect to another.

Aspect 1: Policies and Procedures 

  • What information is crucial to your organisation? Make sure you ask this question throughout all departments, you might be surprised at the different answers you get!
  • Does your organisation have both paper and electronic records? If so, you may need a hybrid records management policy to handle both forms of records equally well.
  • Is your records management policy current and up-to-date? If not, it needs upgrading! Your policy needs to reflect compliance regulations and the most recent record formats.
  • Does your records management policy cover email and social media? Social media is an increasingly integral business tool and needs your attention and care.
  • Is your organisation’s information accessible? Your employees need to be able to access key information whenever they need to.
  • Have you tested your disaster recovery plans? Is your data backed up and can you restore it if you need to? How long does the restore take?
  • Can your policy handle mergers and acquisitions? If so, make sure you check your compliance.
  • Are your applications and systems up-to-date? You should check in from time to time to make sure they incorporate the latest controls and features.

 Aspect 2: Audit and Accountability 

  • Does your records manager have responsibility over across all business processes and data types? Is the program limited in any way?
  • Are your records secure? From creation to destruction, all data in all formats must be accounted for.
  • Are your staff trained to understand their own organisation’s record management policy? All staff should be well-versed in retention and document destruction schedules.

Aspect 3: Privacy and Disposal

  • Does your records management policy uphold industry compliance standards? Keep in mind that regulatory standards are ever-changing and are unique to every industry.
  • Do you maintain a compliant retention and destruction schedule for the disposal of your data?

 Aspect 4: Best Practices for Retention 

  • Are you storing what you need? Are you storing too much? Unnecessary double-ups?
  • Can you easily access your records?
  • Do you have a back-up plan if you can’t access your records?

So you’ve given the list a look. A cursory glance, if you will. Now’s the time to give it a go. Go on, jump right in. Consider the questions, consider the prompts, consider where your organisation’s records management policy stands. If you could improve, why not make the change now?

To make the change today, get in touch with ZircoDATA and we’ll do all the hard work for you. Contact ZircoDATA today or feel free to email us, or call on 13 ZIRCO.