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Prevention is Better than Cure

I have a friend who boasts the best problem solving skills (And I’m sure you know someone like this too). No matter how tight the spot, they have the ingenuity, adaptability and wit to wriggle their way out. Just recently they needed a priority package delivered, however, due to a little bit of a [...]

How to Achieve Compliance with Respect to your Company’s Records Management

Whenever you can, make life easier for yourself. For you, for your organisation, for your every day work life. A comprehensive and thoroughly compliant records management program can take care of your paper and digital records for you, making your life easier. Your records management program is the key to ensuring you maintain yourself [...]

Implementing Proper Records Management for Innovation

There’s an old saying that goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. It seems wise from the outset. If something works, we may as well continue on with it. If it’s familiar and safe and effective enough, why not continue? Well, first of all, because that’s boring. But even more importantly, we have [...]

Best Practices for a Compliant Records Management Program

There’s a lot to be said for good intentions. Of course they’re applauded, of course they’re a great place to start, yet, I hear they pave the path to hell. A nightmarish, costly, inefficient, disorganised hell. It’s an easy trap to fall in to: setting out with the best of intentions yet tripping yourself [...]

Clarity, Competence and Control: 3 Reasons to Invest in Document Storage

Whether you’re considering operations, legalities or finance, the value of your company’s records can not possibly be overstated. Keeping your records in that golden space of ‘safe yet accessible’ (like that guilty-pleasure treat you keep in the cupboard that you hope no one else steals) is paramount in maintaining employee productivity. To do so [...]

How Records Management Can Promote Transparency

You’ve heard the old adage about the glass. Is the glass half empty or is the glass half full? Are you the eternal optimist, the insistent pessimist or perhaps the unflinching realist? There’s a key point to note, however, that without the inherent transparency of that glass, we’d be in no fit state to [...]

How to Achieve Information Best Practice

It goes without saying (and yet I’ll say it anyway!) that your organisation stands to benefit from streamlining and organising your information. Businesses can optimise both efficiency and efficacy by maintaining a records management program that is clearly defined and communicated thoroughly throughout the organisation. The key to finding the best program is simple: know [...]

Why You Should Modify Old Data to Match New RIM Policies

Have you developed a new Records and Information Management (RIM) policy to tackle the ever-increasing volume of your organisation’s data? Is it effective? Securely in place? Working for you? If yes, great. But can you be sure that your brand spanking new policy adequately matches your old data? Both stored and archived? Committing time [...]

Not to be Missed: The Why’s and How’s of Record Management

A body can’t very well manage without its head. The heart might be beating and the lungs may be pumping and the legs might still seem strong enough to run a marathon. But, without a head atop even the healthiest body, the whole thing will just fall down. And so it is with your [...]

A Checklist to Upgrade Your Record Management Policy

Your records management policy is only as good as its last update. To maintain a functioning policy and to keep a competitive edge within your industry, it’s irrefutably crucial to make sure your policy is up-to-date. You and your organisation are sure to thrive with a policy that matches the latest and greatest in [...]