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The Importance of Pre-Planning Your Records Management Program

The Importance of Pre-Planning Your Records Management Program There’s a tiny little lightbulb that goes off in the back of your mind when you stumble across Friday night lifestyle television. The carpenter is slick and the instructions seem simple. They’re converting a bookcase or building a desk or revolutionising a window seat or setting [...]

How to Achieve Organised Archiving

How to Achieve Organised Archiving Maybe we’ve all softened a little too much. Grown to know a life too comfortable. We don’t camp anymore. Not really. Not the way we used to. Marshmallows burning on the end of sticks, beds that deflate overnight, faulty tent zips and a wombat trying to break in to [...]

Gearing Up For Information Management Trends

Gearing Up For Information Management Trends This morning I got a text message from a number I didn’t have stored. It came in under a name though, a name that my phone had guessed for me. It said “Maybe: Emily”. That was handy. It was indeed Emily who was messaging. She had said as [...]

Why opt for off-site Records Storage?

When the UV is high, we wear sunscreen. When it’s raining cats and dogs, we take an umbrella! And when the hailstones fall on the car we left outside, writing it off due to panel damage, we wonder why we didn’t park the car in the garage or under the car port. We make [...]

What are the qualities required in a records manager?

You’ll make a thousand different decisions today, and, well, every day. Are you going to press the snooze button and take those nine extra minutes? What are you having for lunch? Are you taking the freeway home despite the roadworks? Each decision you make has its costs and its considerations. Are you paying in [...]

A Checklist to Upgrade Your Records Management Policy to Ensure Compliance

There’s really nothing like the feeling of ticking off a list. A loved one’s Christmas list, a shopping list, that dreaded list of dastardly chores you left yourself for that rare day off. The feeling of closure, of completion, of accomplishment: there’s really nothing like it. To make your life easier and to place your [...]

Prevention is Better than Cure

I have a friend who boasts the best problem solving skills (And I’m sure you know someone like this too). No matter how tight the spot, they have the ingenuity, adaptability and wit to wriggle their way out. Just recently they needed a priority package delivered, however, due to a little bit of a [...]

How to Achieve Compliance with Respect to your Company’s Records Management

Whenever you can, make life easier for yourself. For you, for your organisation, for your every day work life. A comprehensive and thoroughly compliant records management program can take care of your paper and digital records for you, making your life easier. Your records management program is the key to ensuring you maintain yourself [...]

Implementing Proper Records Management for Innovation

There’s an old saying that goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. It seems wise from the outset. If something works, we may as well continue on with it. If it’s familiar and safe and effective enough, why not continue? Well, first of all, because that’s boring. But even more importantly, we have [...]

Best Practices for a Compliant Records Management Program

There’s a lot to be said for good intentions. Of course they’re applauded, of course they’re a great place to start, yet, I hear they pave the path to hell. A nightmarish, costly, inefficient, disorganised hell. It’s an easy trap to fall in to: setting out with the best of intentions yet tripping yourself [...]