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Aiming for a Paperless Office?

Why Should Your Document Management System aim at a Paperless Office? Despite the tablets, the scrolling, the one touch, the face recognition, the effortlessly cool designs, the brand new screens and that slick new laptop on your desk, I bet you still get the occasional papercut. In spite of the culture of ever-evolving office [...]

Defeating the Paper Monster

It’s the great fear of the science fiction age: the very thing designed to make your life easier, will turn against you. Maybe it isn’t the robots you have to worry about, though. Not yet, anyway. Maybe it isn’t the screen in front of you. Maybe it’s something that seems a lot more innocuous. [...]

Can Digitisation and Offsite Document Storage Go Hand in Hand?

You’re catching up with old friends and you have memories to share – do you print out some photos? Put together a brag book? Maybe you’ll just bring the iPad along! You’re going on holiday! Do you take a couple of paperbacks to flip through on the beach? Wind through your hair, wind flipping those [...]

Choosing An Information Management Partner

You may be a creative midfielder, with eyes on the field, looking for the full-forward who will take the perfect mark. You may be a dancer, running to a leap, looking in to the eyes of the person who will catch you. You may have a brilliant idea and just need a helping hand, [...]

How To Enforce Regulatory Compliance Within Your Document Management System

The ins and outs, whys and wherefores and dos and do nots of regulatory compliance can be difficult to manage. Staying on top of compliance regulations can be a tricky business. It can be particularly tricky for organisations that operate in many international markets and are bound by the regulatory measures of multiple jurisdictions. [...]

Information Management Made Easier

The phone is ringing. The phone is RINGING. It just. Won’t. Stop. You want to leave it. You want to ignore it. But you know you can’t. And what’s worse? You know who it is. You know who’s calling. You know why they’re calling. You know what they want. You know what they need. [...]

Make Your Office Set-Up More Organised

Consider the bare bones structure of your organisation. Perhaps it was founded by an original idea or concept, perhaps it was built up from there. Where do your people fit in? Are they the pillars holding the whole thing up? Load bearing essentials? Where is your information? It undoubtedly makes up a foundational piece [...]

Planning Off-site Tape Storage to Maximise Security and Safety

Just as ice-cream is only as good as the freezer it’s kept in; your valued back-up tapes are only as good as the box you’ve kept them in. Your back-ups hold immeasurable value for your organisation - that goes without saying. But, to keep those back-ups freshly cold and delicious, or well, useful to [...]

Why Organisations Should Hire Professionals for Document Scanning

There are countless advantages to going paperless. First and foremost, no more papercuts. To cite a few more, when your organisation goes paperless: You save on paper. Which isn’t just saving space and dollars, it’s ultimately a responsible step taken in the right direction for the environment. You save on labour and time, no [...]