You may be a creative midfielder, with eyes on the field, looking for the full-forward who will take the perfect mark. You may be a dancer, running to a leap, looking in to the eyes of the person who will catch you. You may have a brilliant idea and just need a helping hand, an investor, a partner. No matter what it is you’re looking for someone you trust. A shared work ethic, a shared goal. When choosing a partner, there’s a lot to consider.

No matter your industry and no matter your goal, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the perfect partner.

An all-encompassing, comprehensive Document Management System (DMS) is a necessity for your organisation, especially when considering how it improves efficiency. Due to the challenges and constraints organisations face on a day to day basis, however, most businesses find themselves in need of a partner. It’s important to outsource to specific service provider for your partner in information management. That partner should be well equipped to handle your information management and provide document related solutions to all your document related problems.

What services should an information management partner provide?

Just like you wouldn’t go to the doctor unless you could name your symptoms, it’s important to be able to identify your issues when choosing an information management partner. After all, these are the issues that your service partner will have to take on.

Knowing your information management partner will be looking after your problems, it’s good to know what services they provide. You should strive to find a partner that offers:

  • Scanning and imaging
  • Auditing of all digitised records and paper records
  • Indexing and metadata
  • Storage facilities where stored data is maintained in a secure environment, protected from the elements
  • The creation of a secure destruction schedules
  • Creation of back-ups
  • Available on-site data management as well as off-site storage services

What else should you look for?

Well, a good reputation is a good place to start, and then, of course, certification credentials. There’s a few more things to consider in demanding the absolute best from your information management service provider. A responsible partner can ensure:

  • Stringent document handling processes to ensure the document management process is compliant
  • A policy to stay up to date with new rules and regulations in the field of information management
  • Chain of custody, so all your documents are traceable at all times
  • Services and infrastructure are in place to help you out at short notice, whether you need urgent imaging, scanning, shredding, accessing off-site records or retrieval of backed up records
  • Tailored programs to provide you with the necessary services to fit within your budgetary constraints
  • Innovation through policy – ensuring you have access to innovative solutions
  • Extensive experience making sure you have access to best practice and tried and tested processes

If you engage your partner in the strategy planning process, you can ensure that your program will be designed to accommodate best practice through tried and tested processes.

So, who might the perfect partner for you be? Well, ZircoDATA might have a clue as to how to answer that one. To get in touch today you can call 13 ZIRCO with any question or query, email or follow the link.