Whether you’re considering operations, legalities or finance, the value of your company’s records can not possibly be overstated. Keeping your records in that golden space of ‘safe yet accessible’ (like that guilty-pleasure treat you keep in the cupboard that you hope no one else steals) is paramount in maintaining employee productivity. To do so you need to implement an effective records management strategy.

The three C’s (almost as vast and encompassing as the seven seas, and certainly no less important) are the three main reasons, or rather, palpable benefits, to implementing a working records management strategy: Clarity, Competence and Control.

Clarity: When it comes to compliant records management and archiving, it can be difficult to know which rules and regulations to apply and where they comply effectively. Outsourcing your file management allows for clarity and order and an added bonus of peace of mind, knowing it’s all being taken care of. Without this much needed clarity in knowing how your records are stored, you could be at risk of destroying something valuable, shredding your time, money and precious resources in one fell swoop.

Competence: Storing older records on site not only takes up valuable office space but also considerably hinders optimum workflow. You’ll find an effective solution to this complication of storage in moving your records off-site (outsourcing all that heavy lifting), allowing you to cut down on real estate costs, clutter and manual handling. When you require older files, your records management partner will simply retrieve your documents for you, saving you and your employees a lot of digging around.

Control: When good sensible record storage is lost, control is lost soon after. To maintain control over your archives and other important records, especially those required for auditing and taxation purposes, it’s crucial to consider the advantages of outsourcing your records management processes. Your documents will be kept especially safe in climate controlled facilities that ensure protection from damages, any external forces or “Acts of God”, so to speak (flood, fire, plague of locusts etc.). They’ll also be protected against any mishandling or misplacement.

Compliant and cost effective records management services are not just a great idea for your business, but they’re a necessity. Control, efficiency, peace of mind and compliance are just a few of the benefits your organisation will start to enjoy if you invest in a long term records management solution.

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