White Paper | Insurance


Specialty Insurance Company


As one of the world’s leading providers of insurance, reinsurance and employee benefits related advice, brokerage and associated services, our Client’s document archiving programme was spread across 7 vendors, with no centralised control or visibility. Furthermore, there were records overdue for destruction, with no consideration for consistent or compliant archive practices.

  • Multiple vendors for archive storage
  • No centralised control for records management


ZircoDATA’s solution incorporated a national storage programme with consistent processes across 7 states and territories. Over 16,000 cartons were collected and moved to ZircoDATA record centres in all states and territories. Over 60 users were trained and have access to the ZircoBRIDGE portal to manage lodgements and retrievals of records, with a centralised account and invoicing structure.

  • Centralised account structure with single monthly invoice
  • ZircoBRIDGE web portal rolled out to over 60 users across 10 locations
  • Standard processes introduced for lodgement and retrieval of records, as well as management of records retention
  • Consolidation of storage to ZircoDATA with 16,000 archive cartons moved across 7 states


By consolidating storage with ZircoDATA, our Client achieved commercial benefits with reduced storage costs. In addition, the ZircoBRIDGE platform provides the records and information management programme manager a single view of all archive storage. ZircoBRIDGE also enables individual offices to manage their own records, under the umbrella of a national compliant records management programme. A single monthly invoice, with all costs tracked to individual cost centres enables effective management of archiving costs.

  • Cost saving on storage for consolidating archive storage with ZircoDATA
  • ZircoBRIDGE enables compliant records management
  • Single monthly invoice enables effective management of costs