25th March 2020
First and foremost, we are working hard to continue to keep our team members, clients, vendors plus our greater community and families safe and well informed during this world-wide crisis.  This communication is to inform you that we are operating as usual along with some new safety protocols in place while introducing you to a couple of new options you may need or wish to utilize.

We have augmented and enacted various components of our business continuity plans as we navigate the rapidly evolving and incredibly fluid COVID-19 global pandemic.

We have stopped travel, face-to-face meetings and visitors to our Records Centres. We have introduced a working from home process for applicable team members, and we look forward to continually supporting your needs.

Records Management Centres remain operational:

  • All Records Management Centres around Australia remain open and operational with some shift changes to assist in social distancing.
  • As a new precautionary protocol measure, we have introduced a 24 hour quarantine before we process standard incoming items. This may result in a small delay on cataloguing. If an item is urgent and essential, we have a procedure for handling these items to retrieve and process as required on a rush turn around basis.
  • Plastic tubs (where applicable) will no longer be used, and these will replaced with ZircoDATA boxes at no additional cost to you.
  • You may choose to delay any lodgement, refile or destruction requests to a more suitable date if you wish.
  • If you are awaiting any work orders to be delivered or picked up, and your business address is now closed, please contact us immediately to change the work order location or date.

Scanning and Digital Services:

  • In an effort to reduce person to person contact and assist in social distancing, we are prepared to securely scan your files to you while creating legally archived digital documents. These digital copies will be maintained on a secure web-based repository.  You can scan only what you need with on-demand services and then access your documents from your web browser.
  • If this is not already set up on your account, please talk to your Account Manager about Scan on Demand or similar options, or email
  • Retrieving items via Scan on Demand may be a viable option for your business to reduce movement of physical items.
  • This is also suitable if your business address is closed, or if you have Team Members working remotely.

Pick up from ZircoDATA premises:

  • If you choose to organise your own transport to pick up items from ZircoDATA premises, rather than have us deliver it to your business or home, please let us know.
  • Additional verification steps will need to be taken to ensure the items are being collected to by authorised contacts.

Deliveries to personal or alternate addresses:

  • In extraordinary circumstances we understand you may require items delivered to your Team Member’s personal address, or addresses which are not already linked to your account.
  • Additional verification steps will need to be taken to ensure the items are being delivered to the correct location, and to the authorised contact.
  • If this is essential to your business, please contact your Account Manager or email to discuss these options.

We’re reminding everyone to follow guidance from the government and public health authorities, and we will post further updates to our website to keep you and your teams informed –

Thank you for understanding and helping to keep each other safe as we navigate these times together.

As always, if there is anything else ZircoDATA can do to support your business, please get in touch with your Account Manager, or email or call 13ZIRCO (13 94 72). We are here to help.