ZircoDATA’s Ongoing Commitment to Supporting your Business

The ZircoDATA Team is committed to providing you with continued access to your critical information, no matter the industry you serve or location you work from while keeping our Team Members, Clients, Vendors and the broader community safe.

Our business continuity plans remain active, and we are here to support you during these times.

As many businesses around the country evolve to their new way of working, we have several suitable options, in addition to our standard physical delivery, available to you:

  • Utilise our Scan-on-Demand service and receive digital copies as an alternative delivery of stored records (this option is encouraged as we collectively make adjustments to limit the spread of COVID-19).
  • Avail of our pick-up service from our Records Centres (with proper authorisation and precautionary measures in place).
  • Have physical records delivered to alternate locations, like residential addresses (with proper authorisation and precautionary measures in place).

We also provide Mailroom services for all of your traditional inbound postal mail processing. This includes:

  • Collecting your incoming mail from your locked GPO boxes or having it delivered to our Records Centres,
  • Automatically sorting and opening mail,
  • Categorising the mail as required,
  • Scanning and digitising within an agreed timeframe,
  • Sending the mail to you electronically to process, as you would normally.

To explore any of these options in more detail, please get in touch with your Account Manager, or email our Client Care team at services@zircodata.com.au

As always, ZircoDATA will continue to provide secure destruction of records, lodgements and special projects, as required by our clients.

We are happy to virtually connect with your teams at any time to conduct our regular meetings or strategic planning. Please let us know how we can help you, your business and your team get through this global pandemic – we are here to help.