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Company information security

Data protection should be a top priority for any business. In a world where almost everything is accessible electronically, the risk of security breaches is higher than ever. Only with the right information security plan can you guarantee the protection of confidential subject matter that has not only built your business, but keeps it running.

With ZircoDATA’s data security solutions you can ensure your valuable information is backed up and protected. We offer a variety of highly-secure data protection services, including offsite backup for both physical and digital data. All our facilities are equipped with advanced technology for maximum security, together with a team of dedicated staff that handle your documents responsibly during all stages of the chain of custody.

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What Is Data Security?

Data security refers to the protective measures that every business should have in place to prevent data from becoming lost, corrupted, or stolen. Valuable data must be kept private and stored until it is needed, or until it is destroyed.

Why Is Offsite Data Storage Important for Your Business?

In the modern world, both paper and digital data needs to be properly protected. With ZircoDATA, this is done by keeping all your important data secure on an offsite location, serving as a means of double protection.

We follow the industry’s data security best practices to protect your documents and records in secure storage facilities, before destroying them safely at the end of their lifecycle. We can also make backup copies of data and convert and upload records to our information management system.

Our offsite data backup solutions give your business the ability to:

  • Manage an increasingly complex landscape of data
  • Prevent disasters due to lost data and corruption
  • Comply with regulations for data protection

Offsite Data Storage Solutions

The safest way to store and protect your data is to hold backups in a secure, offsite location. This way, your data exists in two physical locations. If anything happens to the data at your office, be it a physical accident or a digital breakdown, we can quickly recover your data from its remote storage.

Your Information Is Safe with ZircoDATA

Our data storage facilities are among the most advanced in the industry, all fire-rated and environmentally-controlled to ensure no damage ever occurs. With maximum security levels including video surveillance, access control, gas fire suppression, VESDA, and tape-level inventory tracking, data protection is guaranteed.

All Data Types

We can pick up and transport physical data and media backups from any location in Australia. We also facilitate encrypted data transfer via the internet for secure cloud-based storage.

Fast and Full Data Recovery

If worst come to worst and you suffer from a complete loss of data at your company, we offer several fast and effective options for the full recovery of your information. We guarantee to have the incident rectified in no time at all, minimising the damages that loss of data can cause to your bottom line.

Benefits include:

  • Saving time and money by outsourcing your data protection services.
  • Remote data storage in advanced and secure data protection facilities.
  • Minimising the damages that data loss can cause with full data recovery services.

Choose ZircoDATA

As Australia’s company information security specialists, we can handle both physical and digital data of any size and form. 25 years of industry experience means that we are able to meet and surpass your expectations, forming the save haven you’ve been looking for all along. Get in touch by leaving us a message or request a non-obligation quote now.

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