ZircoDATA provides a full range of digital access solutions. We can create secure legal archives of your documents and data, safely store them using our web-based repository, and give you instant access with our highly searchable and accessible electronic records management system.With our digital access services you can:

  • Make safe and legal digital records of your content
  • Retain and protect your information with digital storage and indexing
  • Search and retrieve electronic records with instant information access

Our Digital Access Services

Our digital access services are completely scalable, and can be tailored to the demands of your business:

Scan On Demand – We can scan your files on-demand to create legally archived digital documents. The copies are kept on a secure web-based repository, and you can access and share your documents at any time from your web browser. Scan only what you need with on-demand services.

Backfile Scanning – We can selectively scan highly active physical records, and convert them into searchable electronic form. They will be uploaded to our secure web-based platform, where you can easily access them at any time. The perfect alternative to physical archiving.

Web-Based Repository – Scanned legal archive copies will be kept on our secure web-based repository. They will be categorically indexed, allowing you to find them easily from your web browser using our search tools. You can access, print your documents, and share them using email.

Benefits of Digital Access Solutions

Digital access solutions from ZircoDATA offer a number of profound and immediate benefits for your business:

  • Make legally archived digital hardcopies of important documents
  • Store digital information in a secure and encrypted environment with our web-based repository, physically located in secure facilities
  • Ensure compliance with record retention and management policy
  • Search indexed data with ease, and gain instant digital access to your archives through your web browser, anytime, anywhere
  • Email or print your electronic records as needed
  • Streamline electronic records management and distribution

Contact our team today to find out more about digital access solutions or to get a quote for your business.