ZircoDATA offer comprehensive document scanning services. We can scan and create legal digital archives for your business, and transform your piles of paper documents into an easily-manageable database of text-searchable digital images.No need for filing cabinets, no need for offsite storage. Welcome to the digital age!

Document Scanning Services

Our services can be fully tailored to the demands of your business. We offer both backfile and on-demand scanning, so that you can digitise only the information that you need, saving on costs and streamlining processes.

The document scanning process is simple:

  • Pack your documents into the provided boxes, and we will come to collect them
  • Your documents will be taken to one of our local facilities, where they will be prepped and scanned
  • Documents will be converted into PDF and TTF digital formats
  • They can then be stored securely online in our document management system
  • Your original documents can be stored in physical form, shredded and destroyed, or returned to you

Backfile Scanning – Our backfile document scanning services digitise your existing paper documents. Frequently used documents can be selectively scanned, and made available online for you to search and use.

On-Demand Scanning – Our on-demand document scanning provides you with a pay-as-you-go solution for scanning rarely accessed documents, new records, or paper documents that are already stored with us.

Document Management Systems – As part of our digital access solutions, we provide a fully integrated document management system. Your scanned documents can be uploaded to this system, where they become are available for you to search, print, and share via email and fax.

Benefits Of Our Document Scanning Services

Our document scanning services offer a one-stop solution for your business to digitise, archive and search your documents, saving you time and money. Document scanning can help you to:

  • Digitise your paper documents, reducing paper pushing and saving office space. No more cabinets or large offsite storage requirements
  • Gain instant access to highly searchable data with online archives of your documents
  • Comply with security regulations and best practices
  • Back up critical data
  • Minimise document conversion costs and improve your businesses’ efficiency

ZircoDATA are a leading document scanning company and digital access service provider in Australia, with 18 facilities up and down the country. Our credentials and 25 years experience in security and data protection speak for themselves. Secure document scanning and storage are guaranteed with ZircoDATA.

Contact us today to find out more about our document scanning, or to get a free quotation.