Legal, medical and corporate institutes are obliged to securely store hard copies of documents for a certain amount of time, usually seven years from when the records become inactive, yet on-site storage can be costly, inefficient, and takes up too much space.

Professional document storage offers a time and cost-effective method of managing records. ZircoDATA offer comprehensive solutions for managing documents across the entire lifecycle, including secure document storage at our offsite facilities.

Our Document Storage Process

ZircoDATA offer a truly professional approach to document storage, with offsite facilities offering advanced protection for your records, and real assurance on compliance. We can tailor our services to meet your needs and schedule, so that your documents are managed in a way that suits your business.

Our general process is as follows:

  • We pick up your documents in our specially fitted security vans
  • The records are delivered to our technologically advanced offsite facilities, where we securely store hard copies of your files
  • If desired, we can scan and digitise your files and integrate them into an online document management system. This allows you to easily access, search, retrieve and share your records whenever you need, while keeping hard copies safe
  • We can archive records when they become inactive, and shred documents when the time comes, offering complete management and compliance for the entire lifecycle and drastically reducing your processes

Benefits Of Document Storage Services

Professional document and record storage from ZircoDATA provides a number of benefits to enhance the workings of your business.

  • Improved organisation and streamlined processes lead to direct cost savings
  • Quick and easy retrieval of documents using our online management system, anytime and anywhere
  • Free up time and resources to focus on other aspects of the business, leads to improved productivity and performance
  • Improved security with our safe, world-class off-site storage facilities, and increased compliance with government legislation.
  • Ultimately, ZircoDATA document storage services save you time and money.

Contact ZircoDATA today to arrange a consultation, or to find out more about how our document storage solutions can benefit your business.