Businesses and financial institutes are obliged to keep extensive records of their operations to comply with regulations and strengthen relationships with staff and clients. Financial document management from ZircoDATA provides integrated and efficient processes for document storage, retrieval and destruction. Contact us today to arrange an obligation-free consultation.

Financial Document Management

We offer paper and digital finance document filing services for banks, finance advisers, insolvency and debt companies, claims companies, hedge funds and building societies, and the accounting industry.

Financial documents include invoices, purchase orders and sales records, receipts, credit card statements, bank statements, employee records, and of financial year records and more. All of these documents need to be stored, managed, and disposed of in compliance with federal and state legislation.

Compliance With Document Storage Legislation

All financial companies must handle their records in accordance with federal legislation. There may also be state regulations, and legislation that is specific to your industry. In general, it is imperative to keep personal financial records for five years, and company financial records for seven years.

Financial document storage at our off-site facilities ensures complete compliance with all regulations and data protection laws, and absolute security for your records. We also offer financial information management solutions and document destruction for total lifecycle services.

Benefits Of Financial Record Filing

Financial companies deal with immense amounts of paperwork, all of which needs to be managed with care. ZircoDATA’s financial information management services are fully tailored to your business, to give you an integrated solution that ticks all of the boxes.

We collect your documents and transport them to our facility in our specially fitted vans. At the storage facility, your records will be safely stored with barcode tracking, and can be retrieved whenever you need them. Once the document’s lifecycle is complete and the retention period is over, we can safely and securely destroy them.

ZircoDATA can take care of all aspects of financial document management, leaving you with more space in your offices, smooth running operations that save money and time, and more energy and resources to expand your business.

Digital Financial Information Management

ZircoDATA can help you to go paperless with digital financial document management. We can scan paper documents on-demand and convert them to digital format. They can then be uploaded to our exclusive web-based repository where they are encrypted and securely stored with easy digital access.

Our digital services include scanning, electronic backup and metadata capture, web-based management, and digital disposal. Covert to digital, meet tax and legal requirements, and eliminate the need for paper records.

ZircoDATA Financial Document Storage and Management

With ZircoDATA, your financial records will never cause you an issue again. We tailor our service to accommodate your business needs. All records are handled by fully certified staff and stored in technologically advanced facilities. You can access your records whenever you need them. That’s what makes ZircoDATA a premium choice in Australia.

  • Tailored financial information management services
  • Financial records storage in highly advanced off-site facility
  • Fully trained staff certified for financial record management
  • Electronic financial records management systems for digital storage and access
  • Financial document shredding and record disposal
  • Complete compliance and excellent practice
  • Reduce costs and improve quality of business for staff and clients

It all begins with an obligation-free consultation. Contact us today to find out more.