Document management is one of the main challenges facing legal firms and independent lawyers. ZircoDATA offer professional legal document storage in full compliance with legislation, to improve the efficiency of your firm and enhance the quality of client care and privacy.

Our tailored solutions will support the operations of your office and bring you closer to achieving your business goals. Contact us today to arrange an obligation-free consultation.

Legal Document Management

Legal documents include papers and contracts, as well as information which has been collated for the purpose of gathering and supporting a client’s case. Written agreements, Wills, letters, legal instruments, and even paperwork and draft workings are all classed as ‘legal documents’.

All of this information needs to be properly managed in order to provide a quality service to your clients, and to comply with regulations and legislation.

We collect your legal documents in our specially-fitted vans, and store them in our advanced facilities for complete security and peace of mind. We can also provide web-based management services, along with document disposal, for total legal document management across the whole lifecycle.

Compliance With Legislation

It is imperative for law companies to follow strict practices when it comes to managing case information and legal documents. Clients have a right to confidentiality, and certain documents may need to be preserved for future reference.

Federal law states that in the legal field, certain documents need to be stored for up to seven years from the time of the last entry. Case files, including any paperwork, trust records and even emails about the case, need to be physically or electronically stored. Files should be reviewed before eventually being securely destroyed.

Support Client Case and Confidentiality With Legal Document Management

Law firms deal with an enormous amount of document management, and the client’s case often depend on the time-effectiveness and quality of storage and retrieval.

ZircoDATA is fully certified to manage paper and digital legal documents throughout their entire lifespan. We ensure your law firm complies with federal and state legislation, and help you to give your clients the privacy that they deserve.

ZircoDATA’s legal document management services help you to achieve your business goals by improving operational functions and reduce costs – leaving you to focus on representing your clients.

ZircoDATA Medical Records Storage and Management

ZircoDATA are fully trained and certified to manage legal documents in full compliance with Australian legislation. Our services are tailored to your law firm in order to enhance your business and maximize the benefits of professional storage and management.

Paper and digital records will be stored at our secure and technological advanced facilities, and will be available for retrieval at your request. Digital records are kept on our web-based management system, where you can easily search and find them.  Once records reach the end of the retention period, we can safely dispose of all documents.

  • Complete legal document management across full lifespan
  • Legal document storage in highly advanced off-site facility
  • Door-to-door handling in security enhanced vans
  • Fully trained staff certified for legal record management
  • Electronic legal records management systems for digital storage and access
  • Legal document shredding and record disposal
  • Complete compliance to enhance your firm’s operations
  • Reduce costs and improve client’s privacy and case strength

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