ZircoDATA provide medical records management storage for hospitals, medical centers, physicians, and insurance providers. Our solutions allow you to store sensitive and confidential patient records in advanced off-site facilities, for complete compliance and excellent care. Contact us today to arrange an obligation-free consultation.

Medical Records Management

Any information which is collected about a healthcare patient is considered a medical record. This includes letters, progress reports, tests results, treatment plans, medication information, X-rays and photographs, patient identification and information, and more.

In the modern world, patient data is often collated digitally. Along with paper documents, all digital records must also be correctly and confidentially stored, managed and destroyed in compliance with legislation.

Compliance With Legislation

Medical practices are legally and morally obliged to work with medical records storage best-practices to ensure complete patient confidentiality and to protect information from loss and unauthorized use.

It is important to comply with state legislation, but generally medical data must be stored for 7 years from the time of last contact, or until the patient is 25 years old, whichever is longer. Digital data must be backed-up regularly, and discs kept at a secure off-site facility.

Enhanced Patient Care With Medical Records Management

ZircoDATA’s off-site medical records storage offers complete compliance with legislation, as well as security and peace of mind. You can ensure excellent patient care and privacy, improving the reputation of your practice and the lives of your patients.

With medical record management solutions you can also reduce costs associated with handling sensitive information, instead focusing energy and resources on areas that improve the health of those who need it.

ZircoDATA take care of all aspects of paper and digital health records management throughout the entire lifespan, tailoring our services to your practice to achieve the best outcome.

Electronic Medical Records Management

Health records are increasingly kept in digital format. This provides convenience for both the patient and practitioner, but it is important this information is treated with as much care and respect as paper documents.

ZircoDATA provide digital solutions for healthcare professionals, including scan-on demand and digital imaging, a web-based medical records management system with full digital access, and electronic backup and storage. Your information is safe with us, no matter what form it comes in.

ZircoDATA Medical Records Storage and Management

ZircoDATA are fully trained and certified to handle sensitive medical information. We offer health records management to ensures compliance and improve the quality of your practice. Our services include medical file storage and electronic management systems, along with document shredding and record disposal.

Your paper and digital records will be stored in our technologically advanced facilities, where they will be kept securely and in compliance with federal and state legislation.

  • Tailored medical record management across full record chain
  • Medical file storage in highly advanced off-site facility
  • Fully trained staff certified for health record management
  • Electronic medical records management systems for digital storage and access
  • Medical document shredding and record disposal
  • Complete compliance and excellent practice
  • Reduce costs and improve quality of care