Businesses are obliged to keep inactive client records, usually for at least seven years. On top of this, a typical organisation deals with contracts, forms, active records, client information, company documents, and more.

An online document management system provides a single, secure repository where all of your records can be stored. In the digital form, documents are easily accessible and manageable, saving on costs and streamlining processes to improve the overall productivity of your business.

ZircoDATA offer a full physical and digital document integration with online management which will transform your company.

The Online Document Management Process

ZircoDATA offer online document management services for healthcare facilities, government institutes and private sector businesses. This service includes the creation, capture, indexing, storage and management of your physical and digital records:

  • We collect and scan your physical records to create electronic copies in a process known as document imaging
  • Content is uploaded and stored on our unique online document management system
  • Documents are categorised and indexed with metadata for easy searching and retrieval
  • Digital forms can be created and processed using the electronic document management system, helping your business to go paperless
  • Workflow is automated to make your business more efficient
  • The system generates reports and implements analytics to continually improve operations

Benefits Of Using An Electronic Document Management System

Switching to an electronic document management system is one of the easiest ways to enhance your business right now. Time, money and staff resources are wasted dealing with records and documents in an inefficient way.

Online document management systems are the filing cabinets of the future. They allow for the easy storage and retrieval of all of your records, leading to direct and indirect benefits for your organisation, including:

  • Complete integration of physical and digital documents
  • Quick and easy retrieval saves time and money
  • Reduce costs by going paperless
  • Streamline processes to increase productivity and profits
  • Multiple layers of security and encryption protect your data
  • Total compliance with increasing amount of government legislation for digitization
  • Save space in your offices

ZircoDATA Online Document Management

ZircoDATA can facilitate a complete transition into online document management, including document collection, storage and imaging. Our professional services are completely tailored to your needs, so that you can join the digital revolution in a way that maximises your potential.

Contact us today to find out more about our electronic document management system, or to arrange a consultation that will change the face of your company.