Whether it’s having your food delivered or allowing a travel agent to book just the right resort on just the right beach on just the right island of your favourite holiday destination, there’s a million tiny things you can handball to someone else to make life a little easier. Big decisions or small, outsourcing has its advantages. Sometimes it’s a matter of paying a little more for a lot more convenience and sometimes it simply a matter of knowing when the professionals are needed.

When it comes to outsourcing your data protection program, it’s a little of both. It’s a matter of needing a professional data management outfit and allowing yourself a little peace of mind and convenience. With something as important as your data, however, it’s important to be critical when choosing a third-party partner. It’s not a mere meagre meal or a holiday misstep. Where your data is concerned, the life and function of your organisation is at stake. Storing data at an off-site location or a third-party colocation facility has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Consider them wisely.

In ideal circumstances:

  • Your IT staff are free from managing the data back-ups and vaults, especially from a distance
  • You can be certain that all your back-up tapes are safe from inadvertent disclosure, even at the time of tape rotation.
  • You can be certain that your off-site storage partner not just stores, but also supports your data back-up processes and cares for the data the way you do.

In less than ideal circumstances, an off-site storage facility can complicate things. The main cause for concern for your existing data protection program is security. Security, when it comes to your data, should be an absolute priority.

Sending an IT professional from your organisation to manage any set of tapes or to inspect the security is not making the most of neither your time nor expertise, however most third party collocation partners have insufficient secure procedures and lack the necessary trained professionals to protect your data from damage. With an ill-prepared partner, your data is vulnerable to damage.

The solution then, seems clear. The success of your off-site data protection is dependent on the reliability of your professional off-site data storage service provider.

The ideal off-site data storage service provider can provide you with the following advantages:

  • You partner should be efficient enough to help you access you data immediately, allowing your IT staff to focus on high priority projects
  • Your partner should take over the responsibility for both the creation as well as the storage of your back-ups
  • Your partner should be able to provide you with an auditable chain of custody.

Knowing you already have enough on your plate, choosing to outsource your data storage service provider is an easy decision. The challenge comes in making sure you partner with the professionals who will give your data the attention it needs. To get to know the data protection professionals at ZircoDATA contact us via the link, email us at services@zircodata.com.au or call 13 ZIRCO.