There are countless advantages to going paperless. First and foremost, no more papercuts. To cite a few more, when your organisation goes paperless:

  • You save on paper. Which isn’t just saving space and dollars, it’s ultimately a responsible step taken in the right direction for the environment.
  • You save on labour and time, no longer spending those precious resources on paper shredding.
  • Access gets better. Organisational data will become easier to get to especially if you consider the employees spread out over multiple locations.
  • Everything runs more smoothly. This is a happy by-product of digitisation as you’ll be able to automate many data related tasks.

Going digital can prove to be quite lucrative, however it is no easy task. The entire process is fraught with potential disaster. The path to digitisation is not unlike Indy’s path to the golden idol – every step has got to be just right.

One of those crucial steps is document scanning. Document scanning involves multiple steps which need to be considered. Consider the following: when your employees must scan hundreds of documents each day:

  • Their time and special talents are wasted.
  • With the monotony and sheer volume of the task, it’s very easy to make mistakes – such errors can be difficult to both find and fix which can make you vulnerable to issues of compliance.
  • There’s a huge risk of data loss when handling hundreds of files at one time.

Sounds challenging. Sounds like there’s a strong case here to consider professionals.

Not just any professionals, however. Not carpet cleaning professionals. Not even just document scanning professionals. When searching for a good professional service provider, ensure you are offered:

  • Bulk scanning services, even for archived documents
  • Same-day scanning, especially for new documents that are produced daily
  • Scanning of stored records on demand
  • Automatic data classification and data extraction
  • Amalgamation of their scanning processes with the current workflow
  • Most importantly, safeguards for the security, accessibility and compliance for your organisation’s data.

How can working with ZircoDATA be beneficial for your organisation’s documents?


  • Uses techniques that automate the classification and extraction of data
  • Automatically extracts data from digital records, classifies them and stores them
  • Uses text rendering software to extract data
  • Reduces the cost of receiving inbound information and the time required to process it
  • Offers online hosted archiving; keeping your documents secure and accessible from anywhere and at anytime

Document scanning is one of the most crucial steps for your organisation. To avoid the common mistakes in going digital, partner with an expert service provider. To go papercut-free paperless today, get in touch with ZircoDATA at 13 ZIRCO, email or click the link.