You’ve heard the old adage about the glass. Is the glass half empty or is the glass half full? Are you the eternal optimist, the insistent pessimist or perhaps the unflinching realist?

There’s a key point to note, however, that without the inherent transparency of that glass, we’d be in no fit state to make any kind of judgement about its liquid holding ability or gain any perspective whatsoever about what either is or isn’t there. It’s transparency that gives us vital perspective and allows us to make informed decisions.

The importance of transparency in any business that relies on interacting with people can not possibly be overstated. It’s an essential aspect of maintaining a valuable reputation and building trust with clients and customers, both established and potential.

When it comes to information and records management, maintaining transparency can seem exceedingly daunting. When it comes to large amounts of records and data, a stringent document management process is required, however there are challenges at both the micro and macro level.

With effective records management in place, however, your organisation will discover much higher levels of transparency overall. It will allow you to keep track of all documents, ensure there is no security breach and help you retrieve vital documents without compromising day to day operations.

Below we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when upgrading your document management systems:

  • Clear out! Start by getting rid of the paper documents stored in boxes in the office storerooms or basements. Searching for a particular piece of paper in all those untidy boxes is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Nobody has time for that.
  •  Consider more efficient storage. You could install storage cabinets or you could simply outsource the records storage service and eliminate all these hassles.
  • And remember! No matter what kind of records you store, basements and store rooms are usually damp and can be vulnerable to floods and mould. Neither floods nor mould are good for paper records. Outsourcing records management service will ensure your documents are securely stored.
  • There’s another big advantage in working with a records management company – accessibility and protection will be greatly improved when your documents are stored with a third party.
  • And finally, a little known fact it would seem, outsourcing will reduce your overall records maintenance costs while also including a secure document shredding plan.

To stay optimistic, or perhaps keep a “glass half full” perspective about your future, it’s integral to maintain transparency for the sake of improved customer relations. The only way you can achieve that is through effective records management.

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