Whenever you can, make life easier for yourself. For you, for your organisation, for your every day work life. A comprehensive and thoroughly compliant records management program can take care of your paper and digital records for you, making your life easier.

Your records management program is the key to ensuring you maintain yourself against risk whether it be risk of lawsuit, loss, damage, data-breaches or avoidable costs. But the benefits don’t end there! Other advantages of compliant records management include:

  • Improved employee efficiency
  • Transparency in achieving compliance
  • Reduction in administrative costs
  • Better control over essential records

How can a compliant records management program help you?

A compliant records management program ensures that your document storage, retention and destruction policies are in accordance with industry standards and local legislation, such as the Retention Act and the Australian Privacy Policies, effective March 2014.

Having an organised document management system in place assists with audits, making it easy to find what you need when you need it.

For a successful compliance strategy, you first need an effective records management program. This program helps you to:

  • Improve compliance in records management – you’ll get a clear idea of the regulations relating to the storage and management of information and how this can affect the working of your organisation
  • Improve employee efficiency – an effective program will mean that you have control over the storage and access to information, meaning your employees will no longer need to waste any time or energy locating what they need
  • Manage sensitive and critical records efficiently to maintain control over them – ensuring only authorised employees have access to records
  • Reduce administrative costs – store only what you need, for either legal requirements or simply the operation of your business. This reduces storage costs and maintains accessibility

Getting your employees to maintain an effective records management program can indeed be time consuming. It can also leave a little too much room for human error which can lead to major compliance problems. So, by trying to manage it all by yourself, you stand to lose more money than you would if you were to pay to outsource it. Saving money seems like reason enough to outsource, however it’s only one of the benefits of outsourcing your records management. We can give you a few more.

A reliable records management service provider ensures:

  • A smooth and easy transition from paper to electronic records with an intelligent document scanning system
  • Fast access to information with the help of a compliant records management strategy
  • The safety and security of sensitive documents that maintain their accessibility
  • Proper management of records right from their creation to their destruction with the help of advanced records management software

Compliance in records management is not just important – it’s a legal requirement. Outsourcing your records management process to a reliable service provider will definitely help you achieve compliance with assurance everything is at or above the necessary standards. It’ll make your life easier and ensure that important work is done well.

From fast and easy access to your information, to being compliant with legal requirements, ZircoDATA has got you covered. To find out more, contact us via this link or feel free to email us, services@zircodata.com.au or call on 13 ZIRCO.