There’s an old saying that goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. It seems wise from the outset. If something works, we may as well continue on with it. If it’s familiar and safe and effective enough, why not continue?

Well, first of all, because that’s boring. But even more importantly, we have to innovate!

Even if it ain’t broke, we should push the envelope, we should break down barriers and try new things. Innovation is the way forward. In every field, in every industry, in every pursuit, innovation is the thing that keeps us striving toward new dynamic spaces, allowing us to grow, change and stay ahead of the curve. As thought leaders in the industry, at ZircoDATA we pride ourselves on our innovation.

Innovation is about two key things: Making the most of what you have (employees, resources or experiences) and reviewing. When we can look back and see where we went wrong, or where we could’ve gone better, we are ready to move forward.

Making the most of your past experiences begins with accessibility. All records and information must be made available to you and your employees. Once records are inaccessible and are out of circulation, there’s little you can learn from them and little you can build on. Your business records should be treated as Information Assets: to be managed and protected at all costs.

When implementing a proper records management program, there are some key benefits you stand to gain:

Organisation:  A more organised, accessible system of information and records ensures that your employees are less heckled! They’ll have more time and energy to execute their tasks and put much needed effort into innovation and the betterment of their own workplace.

Clearing out:   Proper records management includes secure shredding and offsite storing options ensuring your office space is freed up and chaos is (well, for the most part) avoided! Well organised efficiency sets the perfect stage for innovation.

Security concerns:       Any compliance issues or litigations can become serious hurdles on the way to innovation. A proper records management system minimises these risks.

Accessibility:   Proper records management includes the implementation of a comprehensive inventory. This guarantees that whenever the time arises to plan or brainstorm, whatever data, statistics or information you need will be at your fingertips.

Imagine the time you’ll save when your records are all properly managed. This time can be spent investing in and empowering employees by giving them the resources and opportunities they need to innovate in their own terms.

Gearing up for Innovation: Planning your Records and Information Management

With so much to gain, there’s a lot of work to do. But don’t worry! At ZircoDATA, we’ve started the work for you. Below are a few essentials for you to consider when implementing your records management program.

  • Compliance is crucial. Work to make sure your program keeps you on the right side of the law.
  • The importance of data security, especially when it comes to sensitive records, cannot possibly be overstated.
  • Attention and care should absolutely be given to environmental issues.
  • Your program needs to be thoroughly planned with a focus on inventory keeping.
  • Digitisation should be an easily accessible option if ever or whenever it is required.
  • Consider outsourcing:
    • Outsourcing can be an efficient and cost-effective option. It’s especially useful if the partner you choose takes over almost all of your records management hassles including document scanning, security, compliance, transportation, indexing, digitising, storage, secure destruction and recycling.

Imagine knowing all that work has been taken care of!

It’s exciting to imagine the places you and your organisation might go. Innovation allows you to evolve and thrive in directions you haven’t yet anticipated. Ensuring you have the basics right frees you up to innovate. Prioritising records management establishes a sound foundation. Once you’ve got that, there’s no height your organisation can’t climb to.

At ZircoDATA, we pride ourselves on innovation in all facets of Information Management, to find out how we can help you innovate, contact us via this link or feel free to email us, or call on 13 ZIRCO.