The phone is ringing. The phone is RINGING. It just. Won’t. Stop. You want to leave it. You want to ignore it. But you know you can’t. And what’s worse? You know who it is. You know who’s calling. You know why they’re calling. You know what they want. You know what they need. You know what they’re looking for. You know what you don’t know? You don’t know where it is.

We have all been in those situations where the chaos takes over. Nobody can find the right document; a client is on the other end of the phone asking a simple question and you have no idea how to answer them.

Information Management can be a complex affair, but it’s integral to avoid those panicked situations. It’s easy to be intimidated by the technologies, specialist skills and change management required and many are scared off. It would seem only the bravest and the largest of enterprises would attempt to wrestle control of it all. This tends to be why businesses put off dealing with their information management challenges. A “cross that bridge when we come to it” approach, if you will. That approach works well up until the day that it doesn’t. And then you’re facing costly litigation and brand damage, which can be irreparable.

If this all feels a little too familiar – the panic, the chaos, the not-knowing-what-to-do-but-knowing-you-have-to-do-it – it might be time to consider an expert. Not just one to show you how, but one to help you simplify information management and even run it for you, for maximum efficiency and return.

There are some good reasons to outsource your Information Management services to an expert. Outsourcing can prove the simplest option while saving you money in the long run. An expert can help you achieve your goals quickly, without a major up-front investment in software, hardware and in-house skills.

But wait, there’s more.

First and foremost: the dreaded platform decision. Investing in a modern information management system is significant and you’re usually lumped with a lot of features that you don’t need. Adding to that is the complication of deciding the scale and type of additional infrastructure to develop, the specialist costs associated with deploying and tweaking it to suit your business and its processes and the skills required to keep it working. Yikes. It’s getting costly.

Imagine someone wrapping this solution in a simple black box that just did what you need it to do. Outsourcing to a hosted service can give you just that: a simple and effective solution that best suits your business needs. The provider will be responsible for the underlying hardware, software and processes built to deliver the service to you. Meanwhile, you get to avoid the ongoing cost and pain of ownership, without needing to invest your limited capital.

Tame that paper. You know those reams of paper you have lying around? It’s time to get rid of them. Most businesses still have mountains and mountains of paper being produced and received, which is virtually impossible to manage, let alone consolidate with all the information that remains purely electronic.

Getting an expert in can make it all a lot easier. An expert can help you capture, classify, and manage all that paper as it is received or when it is needed. That same digitised information can then be hosted and managed along with your existing electronic information in the hosted environment, through the full information lifecycle, limiting your operational and legal risk.

So, what else might be holding you back? Failing to collaborate. Research shows that most professionals spend around 5-15% of their time reading information, but they spend around 50% of their time trying to find it. This wasted time is usually a result of inconsistent and silo-centric work practices. It means you’ll be wasting time searching or, in some cases, recreating information. No small task.

A hosted service can have you up and running with consistent processes, tools and information in just weeks.  This is a huge improvement on the years and years it could take to deploy an in-house solution. Collaborating sooner will mean your staff can enjoy the true benefits of effective information strategy. That makes for much greater overall productivity. And smiles all ‘round.

Getting distracted, are we? Wondering what’s for lunch? Most businesses struggle with distraction when it comes to information management. Few businesses having the resources or expertise to overhaul their strategy and those that do usually find that after the first few months of enthusiasm, the shifting priorities and distractions of the organisation mean the initiative gets diluted or forgotten, left half-baked. And unless it’s cookie dough, half-baked is a bad idea.

Outsourcing to an expert, you’ll get a mentor that is focused on your strategy. They’ll be intent on seeing your strategy applied, maintained and improved, without the risk of internal distractions skewing their focus. Your strategy will be their purpose and their expertise, despite your own businesses ever changing priorities. With third party focus, you’ll have stability, consistency and reduced information risk.

It’s time to take a step back and view information management as a critical process on par with more traditional operations and executive topics. It can be overwhelming! Changing your information management strategy, however, can be easier than you imagine, if you have the right help. The right mentor can guide you to a holistic solution, the right one for your organisation. The right strategy will return significant value to your business and reduce all information associated risk. And the best part? You won’t have to do it all yourself.

To have the best results, with the least amount of personal stress, you need an expert. Why carry the burden yourself, when ZircoDATA is willing to do the hard yards for you? Get in touch today by calling 13 ZIRCO, emailing or by following the link.