ZircoDATA provides a full range of information management services for business clients in Dandenong. We can facilitate all aspects of document and digital record management, storage, and destruction. Free up time and resources with our professional information management.

Information Management Services In Dandenong

With both traditional and digital solutions, and services that are highly tailored and scalable to your business, ZircoDATA provide a one-stop solution for all of your document storage and record management needs.

We offer the following services in Dandenong:

  • Data Protection Services – Keep your paper documents and digital data backed up in our secure offsite facilities with our data protection services. Keep physical documents and plastic digital hardcopies in our protected facilities. Transfer encrypted information over the internet for cloud-based storage of documents.
  • Document Scanning – Backfile scanning services allow you to selectively scan documents that need backing up, or need to be digitised for record keeping and easier access. Scan new files or rarely used documents on-demand, so that you only pay for the records that you actually need. Digitise your paper documents, and automate compliance and business processes.
  • Digital Access Solutions and Records Management – Scan documents into our document management system, where they are categorically indexed in digital format. Easily search for your records online whenever you need them with our digital access solutions. Print documents on-demand, and send them via email and fax. Our records management system allows for full access and control of your records.
  • Document Storage – Keep your paper documents and records in our secure document storage facilities in Dandenong. We will collect your documents, and store them in our technologically advanced storage facilities. We can also store plastic digital data, and encrypted online data.
  • Document Destruction – Documents must be destroyed at the end of their lifecycle, in accordance with the Privacy Act and other legislation. Destroying documents also saves physical and digital space, freeing up resources and reducing costs. Leave your document shredding and digital data destruction to ZircoDATA.

ZircoDATA – Dandenong’s Finest

We have over 25 years experience serving business clients in Dandenong. We can handle all of your information management, document storage and digital access demands, to provide a tailored solution for the optimization of your record keeping and business processes.

Contact us today to find out more about any of our services, or to receive a quote from us.