ZircoDATA’s record management services enhance your business by allowing for the secure capture, retention and archiving, and destruction of documents and records.We offer an integrated approach, with storage for both physical documents and digital records ZircoDATA give you complete control and governance of your documents and information. which can all be managed through our records management system.

Let ZircoDATA take care of your important records, so you can focus on the growth of your business.

Document Management Services

We offer the following document management services:

Physical Records Management

We can pick up your documents, and take them to our secure storage facilities. Here they will be professionally archived, and can be accessed whenever you need them.

Our physical records management services include full inventory tracking, document cataloguing and data capture, online access via our versatile document management system, and customised pickup and delivery services. We can also shred and destroy documents at the end of their life cycle.

  • Secure offsite storage and archiving
  • Easy and instant access to records
  • Records management throughout all phases of the content life cycle
  • Create and store digital hard copies of paper documents
  • Free up office-space, and save time and money on storage and processes

Digital Records Management

Digital records management is becoming the procedural norm of record keeping for even small businesses. Benefits include freeing up office-space but also saving time and money on storage and processes.

Our digital document management services gives you complete control over the management of your files. We can scan documents on-demand and create digital records which can be stored on our advanced information management system.

With our document management system, you can store all contracts, invoices, and content in one place, and ensure complete compliance of your business. Our services allow you to automate the record life cycle from capture, to retention, and through to destruction.

You can access your records at any time, anywhere, with our online management platform, ZircoBRIDGE. Your data is intelligently indexed to make it searchable and accessible.

  • Remove paper from your processes and save valuable office space
  • Securely store all records on our secure document management system
  • Access data instantly online, reducing search processes and costs
  • Automate processes for complete information management and compliance

Contact ZircoDATA today to find out more about our records management services, or to get a quote from us. All of our records management services can be completely tailored to the demands of your business.