ZircoDATA offers a complete records and information management service. We can manage your documents throughout their entire lifecycle, or apply aspects of our services to help you to streamline your processes and improve your business productivity and turnover.

Why Do You Need Records Management?

Legal, medical and financial records need to be securely stored in order to protect the confidentiality of your clients, as well as to comply with government legislation. Documents usually require secure storage for seven years from the date that they become inactive. At the same time, active records need to be regularly accessed and updated.

This can place a lot of strain and demand on your business, and result in a logistical nightmare of paperwork filing and searching.

Our professional records management solutions save your organisation time and money by streamlining document management processes and freeing up resources within your business.

Our Records Management Process

We understand that each and every client is different in their requirements and preferences. That’s why we always work with you to meet the needs of your business. From on-demand document storage, to fully integrated records management, ZircoDATA have you covered.

Here’s how it works:

  • We pickup your documents from your business location, at a time that is convenient for you
  • Your documents are then registered and audited, so that we can create a complete chain-of-custody, maintaining accountability throughout the entire process
  • Your documents are then transported to our ultra-secure offsite facilities, where they are physically stored.
  • Documents can be scanned and indexed, and then uploaded to our online content management system for quick and easy search and retrieval
  • We can take care of document destruction at the end of the lifecycle

Of course, if you only require document storage without the rest of our services, or you just want a set of documents safely destroyed one time, then that’s completely fine. We are here to help you with whatever you need, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Benefits Of Records and Information Management

Our services result in a totally integrated system for physical and digital document management. Your business can benefit from records and information management in the following ways:

  • Ultra-secure storage for your documents
  • Online management makes retrieval and editing quick and easy
  • Workflow and processes can be streamlined, freeing up resources for your business and enhancing productivity
  • Complete compliance with government legislation
  • Save time and money overall with professional records management

Contact ZircoDATA today to find out more about our records and information management process, or to arrange a consultation that will lead to a brighter future for your business.