ZircoDATA offer a number of information and records management services in Australia. With our tailored approach to services, your business can improve processes and efficiency, increase compliance, and benefit from a reliable and fully integrated data solution.

We offer the following services for business clients:

Document Storage – Take advantage of our world-class top security document storage facilities. Safely store your records and important documents in an offsite location, with our technologically advanced facilities. Gain access to your records whenever needed.

Data Protection – Protect your sensitive information with offsite backup, encrypted document scanning and digitisation, and a secure information management system that means you will never lose data.

Document Scanning – Scan highly active records for easy digital access, backfile scan old paper records, or scan records on-demand, as and when they are needed with our highly versatile and secure document scanning services.

Digital Access Solutions – Digitise your paper documents and records with our backfile and on-demand scanning, then have them uploaded to our online system for instant digital access to your records.

Records Management – Manage all of your records, from inception and declaration, to storage and retrieval, right through to their secure destruction with our fully integrated records management system. Upload, index, search and send.

Document Destruction – Dispose of your documents and records at the end of their lifecycle, with our fully monitored document shredding and digital plastic destruction services. Leave no trace, and adhere to privacy policies.

We offer all of our services independently, or as part of a tailored service package that covers all of your information management requirements.

Why ZircoDATA Services?

  • Over 25 years experience serving the information management needs of business clients across Australia
  • 19 high security document storage facilities across the country
  • Fleet of secure vans come to your location to collect documents
  • Trained and security vetted staff
  • Complete care during all stages of the process

Contact us today to find out more about our information management services, or to arrange a consultation with us.