You’ll make a thousand different decisions today, and, well, every day. Are you going to press the snooze button and take those nine extra minutes? What are you having for lunch? Are you taking the freeway home despite the roadworks?

Each decision you make has its costs and its considerations. Are you paying in time? Money? Calories? Sanity?

When it comes to appointing management, the costs and considerations are vast and varied. And if you’ve got a ninety-four thousand dollar a year decision to make, you’re going to want to get it right.

Appointing the right records manager may just well be the most important decision you make for your records management program. The role requires dedication and an appreciation of the absolute integral part records management plays for your organisation.

To help you out with making one of the biggest decisions you’ll make since tiling your bathroom, we’ve compiled a list to help you understand the role and the key traits and qualities you should look for in a records manager.

First thing’s first: what’s the function of a records manager?

Your records manager will:

  • Control and grant access rights to records for strategic and operational purposes
  • Communicate with senior management to improve efficiency
  • Ensure the preservation of archives
  • Observe legal obligations in keeping and disposing of paper and electronic records
  • Control the volume of records produced and stored
  • Be responsible for keeping your records management policy on track
  • Prepare your organisation for audits, both internal and external
  • Maintain compliance with federal and state regulations
  • Protect and supervise the chain of custody of any and all documents

It may go without saying, but it’s important your selection tackles these tasks with gusto and competence. Building on these tasks, there are a list of qualities we’d recommend in finding the perfect person for the job. Of course, these requirements will vary depending on your organisation’s unique culture and values.

Your records manager should:

  • Understand the working procedure of your organisation and their place in it
  • Excel in dealing with others with both clarity and compassion, whether it’s subordinates, peers or superiors
  • Hold a relevant tertiary qualification or experience in records management
  • Be aware of the latest advancements in the records management
  • Be technically savvy enough to deal with the conversion of paper records to digital format
  • Manage employee stress levels by ensuring the requirements for compliance are met through day to day function

They must also be able to fly, walk on water and speak three to five languages. I kid. Of course. But it is a big job. A great, big, important job.

Appointing the right manager is an investment in your organisation’s future and a decision you absolutely want to get right. So, take the time and set the bar high.

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