When the UV is high, we wear sunscreen. When it’s raining cats and dogs, we take an umbrella! And when the hailstones fall on the car we left outside, writing it off due to panel damage, we wonder why we didn’t park the car in the garage or under the car port. We make practical decisions to protect ourselves, to protect our stuff. And when we don’t? We regret it. Sorely.

When it comes to your document storage, the safe, practical solution is to store at an off-site location. According to a report by the Symantec Corp. and Ponemon Institute, completed over a 12 month period from 2010 to 2011, revealed increased costs in the event of stolen or lost records. The cost per lost or stolen item increased by eight percent and the average total organisational cost suffered from data breaches increased from $2 million to $2.16 million.

It’s proving more and more expensive to be irresponsible with your records! And don’t forget, this was eight years ago, data and technology has increased at dramatic rates since then, along with the costs suffered from breaches.

Outsourcing your records management to a specialist company such as ZircoDATA is the practical solution to this preventable problem. Allowing records management professionals to store and protect your invaluable data will give you peace of mind in knowing your informational assets are secure.

Some of the benefits of off-site storage include:

  • Saving on real estate! You’ll have more room for operations on your premises and ultimately save yourself money in the process. Maybe you can even carve out a little extra office space for yourself.
  • Letting your employees focus! Instead of having them rifling and ransacking, sorting through documents at all hours of the day, give them the time and space to do the job you hired them to do.
  • Organised records! Your organisation’s records will be organised in the most cost-effective manner. Simply, efficiently, crucially.
  • Protected records! Confidential documents will be kept secure and protected from natural disasters such as floods, fires and any other unimaginably destructive (and costly!) forces.
  • Did we mention organised records? Off-site records will be classified by the storage provider, meaning whenever you need them, you can retrieve your documents in a timely manner.

Off-site storage is just one aspect of the integral service ZircoDATA provides. To find out more contact us, send us an email at services@zircodata.com.au or call on 13 ZIRCO.